Know what you need to do to launch a product on the market that users will use


Do the work "from idea to MVP" on the real case


Use your knowledge and build products that the market needs, immediately after the training.


Get just in 3 days complete information, which the speaker gained from 4 years of experience, dozens of books and projects

This training is a qualification of the successful experience and mistakes of the speaker which you can avoid while working on the product, presales and projects.
🔦 The workshop is full of information and work
🔦 Only distinct information
🔦 We require very active work during the training
🔦 The effect of training 90% depends on comprehension of the participant
Aksena Krykun, Product Manager at SoftServe, Co-Founder and Trainer at Speak2me
🎖️ Has experience working both in product and in outsourcing company
🎖️ Worked as marketing officer but did the job of product manager
🎖️ Certificated in Pragmatic Marketing ( 6 level)
🎖️ Graduated Stanford Summer Business School
🎖️ Is successfully developing the product apart from work
1st day
📌General introduction to the course - the study of participants' cases
📌Research of the market: techniques of market analysis, techniques of trend analysis, analysis of market segments
📌Types of persons and their analysis and communication within the team, repository of persons and their validation

2nd day
📌User research and the basis of the interview
📌Value Proposition Canvas for different user segments
📌Validation of value proposition in the early stages
📌Competitors research and work with conclusions

3rd day
📌Development of a business model and its impact on MVP
📌Hypotheses and hypothesis validation with Validation Board
📌MVP: development and hypotheses testing
📌Repeating of information and awarding certificates
💵 $ 250 (possible discounts for group members)
💪 You will know how to analyze the market and how to see opportunities on it
💪 You will know what kinds of users there are and how they affect the product
💪 You will have basic knowledge for user research
💪 You will be able to build a value canvas for the user
💪 You will know how to make a basic analysis of competitors
💪 You will be able to build a business model and will understand how to test it using MVP
💪 You will know how to work with hypotheses
💪 Understand what you need to insert in the MVP and how to validate hypotheses from MVP
In case of questions or concerns please contact PMC Center at info@pmc.center