Viacheslav Krasin

Viacheslav Krasin

Product Manager @ SoftServe


Aquarium fish effect: Ukraine and 3G/4G communications. The year 2017. Episode two.SESSION DESCRIPTION


"August-October 2017 the Ukrainian mass media informed about huge positive changes around the licensing of 4th Generation Standard. The people within optimism waiting for the LTE deployment. "
The topic author proposes to look into the past with product manager point of view and spotlight the main problems on that way.

SESSION LANGUAGE preferred /equal (optional)



Viacheslav is professional with over 13 years experience in IT and Telco domains for Ukrainian and international companies. 
His non-standard ( patternless) ideas were implemented in many products and some of them even deployed in Ukraine. 
He had started his career as the network engineer and grew up to the professional who ables to determine the real problems and addresses the most valuable ways to solve them. 
The multi-domain expertise, success and non-success cases help him better understand the world.

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