Roman Pavlyuk

Roman Pavlyuk

Solution Leader / Product Manager @ SoftServe


Impact/Evidence prioritization and T-Shirt Sizing: practical approach to evaluate the product scope


A practical inside into product scope evaluation techniques like T-Shirt sizing and Impact/Evidence prioritization: the background, examples and the quality considerations


English / Ukrainian


Solution Leader / Product Manager for Enterprise Products at SoftServe Inc., PMC-IV Certified Product Manager with over 15 years experience in IT as Architect, Project and Product Manager. Profile with a dozen of complicated product development projects providing turnkey solutions for the customer, strong areas in enterprise solution and product management, coordination and management of the team which follows iterative development process, design of highly productive data processing systems, SaaS/Cloud application implementation, and organization of the configuration management process for SaaS-oriented solutions. Always taking pleasure in sharing experience with other people at various occasions including ProductCamps, training programs, workshops and more.


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