Michael Verlanov

Michael Verlanov

PMC-IV Certified Product Manager @ SoftServe


Management vs Leadership in Product Management


Folks often question what are the traits that will help to become a successful Product manager? Office spaces face the struggles and holy wars about the roles and powers distribution. So, what are the healthy ingreadients and super powers in product management?




Michael Verlanov, PMC-IV Certified Product Manager @ SoftServe, executing various project for different business domain's. With main focus on e-commerce, BI and Data Science solutions.

Having 10+ years of hand's on experience in IT Software Development and consulting and being Business School Graduate as well as Msc in computer science deeply understand all technical details of software architecture and it's business appliance. 

I'm openminded easy going person that always want to help people around. Work easily both with engineers, and C-Level executives. Especially love working with designers, creative people, engineers and entrepreneurs in order to build innovative product's from sketch to production.

In case of questions or concerns please contact PMC Center at info@pmc.center