Kisylychka Olena

Kisylychka Olena

SoftServe | Product Manager


Dealing with negative stakeholders. Turn your opponent into a supporter.


In Product Management we all rely on our stakeholders to get things done. Everyone impacted by your outcomes is a stakeholder, and you need them on your side. 

Have you ever had a chance to work with stakeholders with a strong negative interest? I have. I am going to share how to neutralize your negative stakeholders and how to work with them. Engaging stakeholders and winning their support is crucial to business success. 

We are not going to talk about a theoretical part. We will review real-life cases and how they were solved. Only hands-on experience.


Certified professional with more than 9 years of experience in IT field.

Works with startups and enterprises. Participates in pre-sales and consulting activities. Has profitably led multiple projects within one product, has swimmingly led a distributed team. Has entrepreneurship experience. Worked as a member of Board of Directors. 

Speaker at conferences in Europe and UK. 



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