Jock Busuttil

Jock Busuttil

Product People

Jock is a freelance head of product, author of the popular book 'The Practitioner's Guide to Product Management' and the blog 'I Manage Products' and startup mentor with over eighteen years' experience working in technology with startups and larger organisations. These include the BBC, Mind The Product, the Ministry of Justice, University of Cambridge and the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Jock typically helps his clients to build product teams and with digital transformation.

He has worked in varied industries including networking, oil and gas, film and sound, gaming, business services, data and analytics, fintech, media, government, health and education.

His book, The Practitioner’s Guide to Product Management (, was published in January 2015 by Grand Central Publishing in the US and Piatkus in the UK. Jock also writes and delivers training on product management, and is the author of the blog I Manage Products (

Jock holds a master’s degree in Classics from the University of Cambridge.

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