Golubyeva Tetyana

Golubyeva Tetyana

DataArt | Delivery Manager


Product development team - is it somehow different from regular dev team?


A lot of teams believe that agile team- it's a team, that can grab all the roles and work ... in some magic way. So if you need a product development team - just give them a goal to build a product, or even better - give them a full time Product manager - tadam! it should work. But for some reason it doesn't. First - our teams are rarely self-managed for a lot of reasons. Second - even if you are a product company, you take people from the same market, where the biggest player are outsources and thus they form the rules of the market. Why it’s so – let’s find out together. 

And I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is no silver bullets how to build a team of your dream. However there are number of things that should be taking into consideration when you build a team from CIS IT market. And the cornerstone of this story is a culture - of the company, of the team, of the market. So we will talk how to higher your chances for a good team by forming proper culture and why it's matter at all.


More then 14 years in IT and 9 of them in project and portfolio management. I like to combine theory with practice to define things that actually works. I believe that manager - is not a role, it's a mindset, that constantly should be turned by knowledge from connected areas (psychology, marketing, theory of systems, product management and many others). For last 7 years I work with a products in different ways and even it's an outsourcing. Product development expertise - this is something we are building together with my colleagues in DataArt. And some results of our findings - this is something I would like to share with audience.



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