Andrey Taganskiy

Andrey Taganskiy

Product Manager @


How to find your winning strategy to create a delightful product your users will fall in love with


Как найти выигрышную стратегию для создания восхитительного продукта, от которого ваши пользователи будут без ума We will discuss everything around product strategy: audience, persona and stakeholders, value and added value, customer-centric approach. To define your own successful strategy we're going to learn best practices, frameworks and most interesting cases. 




Enthusiastic product manager with a tech background and entrepreneurial experience. Managed successful products both in B2C and B2B segments in different domains from governmental systems to FinTech with user base up to 18M+. A rare blend of soft skills like psychology, empathy, and leadership with hard skills like development, databases, and analytics. Experienced in SaaS platforms creation and evolving. His own startup is a successful InsTech startup on the Ukrainian market. 

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