Andrey Stoliarov

Andrey Stoliarov

Product Manager @ Petcube


What I learned from switching to the hardware product management


"What does the HW product backlog management look like?"
"What do you do when bugs are found in the devices that are already sold?"
"Is there a difference in HW custdev and user feedback gathering?"
"What are the pitfalls to avoid?"
I never thought I'd work in a hardware startup. No education, no previous experience in the hardware, no hobby projects. But being a product manager means learning fast and adapting the lessons of the past to the new domains, right?
I couldn't miss a chance to join Petcube earlier this year, and this change posed quite a variety of challenges I didn't see coming. It makes a damn perfect moment to share a dozen of observations from the newbie in the HW business trenches, accompanied by some screw-ups and worked out praсtices!




I'm keen on doing right things by asking a lot of "why?" and "what for?" questions, and sticking to the motto "strong opinions, weakly held".
During 10 years in IT I have switched domains several times - healthcare-gamedev-advertising-HW - so I learned how to get up to speed quickly. As I started as C++ dev, it still helps in working closely with the programmers :)
I dislike the word "manager" as nowadays everyone is managing itself and a bunch of various activities. I love to embrace the product (and QA!) thinking within the team instead of leaving the separate dedicated roles only.


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