Filyak Yevhen

Filyak Yevhen

Inspirito | CEO


10 most common reasons of failure in B2B


The cost of mistakes in B2B products is very high and often leads to loss of millions of dollars. What are the most common mistakes of BAs and PdMs in B2B? How to manage the risk and avoid these mistakes? We will discuss it.


"CEO and founder @InSpirito

9 years of Product Management experience (7 years in Startups and 2 years in corporate);

MSTM (Lviv Business School), MS in biochemistry, PhD in Biology;

52 grants and awards (including awards from President of Ukraine, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences etc.);

Co-owner of few failed and 3 profitable startups;

Certified Product Manager and Business Analyst (Pragmatic Marketing IV, CSPO, CSM, Safe 4.5 PO/PdM, SAFE 4.0 Leader, etc);

Best Speaker Award from Product Management community at Lviv Product Camp 2016 Active startup consultant;

Mentor at Lviv Tech Startup School."



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