Have you ever faced with the problem that you want to launch new product or service - but you do not have a clue how to do this?
Have you ever been stuck up with the problem of competition, positioning and understanding what to do next?
Do you work with clients and you need to grow their businesses/products?

These are the questions of a Product Manager and if your answer to at least one of these questions is "Yes" - then congrats, you can tackle the challenges in a Product-oriented way and this workshop is for you.


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Pragmatic Marketing foundations workshop will give you
practical hands-on instruments and experience how to:

- Evaluate what type of client you’re talking to
- Get to know which problems of your customer you should address first
- Understand what is product, value, price, market, customer etc.
- Evaluate competitive landscape
- Understand your user needs
- Create product positioning
- Create product roadmap

The structure of the workshop is:

50% - theoretical material on frameworks, Pragmatic Marketing approach
50% - practical workshops on real cases

You will also get:

- Basic knowledge of Pragmatic Marketing Foundations
- Business development skills that are based on Pragmatic approach

The main question we always need to answer -
How to bring more value to our clients and thus, how to take higher price for it.

On this workshop, you will understand with the help of
Pragmatic Marketing framework - how to do this.


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*Group is limited. Early birds prices apply by end of April.

More about workshop goals:

- Use Pragmatic Marketing Framework to access and build Product Management processes on existing and new coming projects;
- Apply Pragmatic approach for Business Development to s added value to the client;
- Learn proper ways of building  Product Management processes on the projects.
- Improve processes on existing projects and bring more value into them and thus selling them for a much higher price


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